A self-help weapon to fight depressive thoughts

Of course, depression is a very frequent psychological disorder which can have a debilitating effect on your everyday life. However, there is some good news! It can be successfully treated with the help of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists. Moreover, you can help yourself by using various psychological techniques. One of them is related to mental restructuration. Are you ready for change?

Please, choose to work on changing your own pattern of thinking. Negative thoughts look just like these ones: ”I am a completely unsuccessful person”, ”I will never achieve something important to me”, ”I feel totally helpless”, ”I am not a self-confident person at all”, ”Nobody loves me as I am”, ”Nobody admires me”, ”Nobody understands me”, and so on, and so on…

Thus, you can work on reprogramming your brain. In other words, you can decrease your self-destructive mind activity. Let’s see how… First of all, there does not exist a person who is unsuccessful in the all domains of life. Furthermore, there is no such a person whose self-confidence equals to zero. Hence, you are successful whilst doing at least some things and you are a self-confident person whilst interacting with at least some people. In addition, there is always someone who loves us (sometimes we do not know it and have to find out who is that person or a group of people). Moreover, there are lots of individuals who are jealous of our behavior, clothing, personality traits, intelligence, etc. But they usually do not admit it (believe me or not, that is true!).

Therefore, your new (positive, healthy, and self-nourishing) thoughts can be as follows: ”I can make success if I put some effort in a situation”, ”I am a person who works on building my self-confidence and self-esteem”, ”I know that some people admire my skills, competencies, charisma, or how I look like in their eyes”, ”I cannot make all people love me. Instead, I can be happy because I know that my family and my friends have positive emotions toward me”, ”People similar to me can understand me. This insight is sufficient for me because I think in a realistic way”.

Thus, your thoughts should be optimistic, realistic, and self-explanatory (i.e. logical). We cannot expect of everybody to accept our personality traits, approve our behavior, love us, or understand our inner psychological states. And you can think of yourselves in positive terms. It is free of charge and is very beneficial for your mental health as well as for meeting your short- and long-term goals.

Depression mostly relies on negative thoughts and the best way to attack it is to start with making your patterns of thinking open to positive influences from inside (subconscious and conscious part of your personality) and from outside (social environment).

Selman Repišti,

January 27, 2018

One thought on “A self-help weapon to fight depressive thoughts”

  1. Tako jednostavno, a kad ti najvise treba tako je tesko usmjeriti svoje misli i svoje razmisljanje u pozitivan smjer.
    U svakom slucaju ovo je uvijek dobra napomena…

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